Boys and girls, it's time to pick up that shiny new armor from the blacksmith, grab your favorite weapon, stock up on some health & mana potions, and prepare your mind and body for the adventure that lies ahead. Those dark dungeons crawling with evil spawn ain't gonna clear themselves, you know. It is your duty and destiny to lead a party into the dark reaches of these lands and cleanse them, thus restoring peace to your realm. 

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Yeah, you guessed it - we spent the last few days playing mobile RPG games. More specifically, we tried a bunch of these titles to filter out the ones that are truly worthy of your attention in 2018. Granted, this specific genre is crawling with hundreds of excellent titles and the majority of them are deserving of being present in our collection. Square Enix's catalog alone features at least 15-20 games capable of captivating most RPG fans. Still, to keep things compact and diverse, we decided to bring the number of our picks to 10 and find games that don't quite feel the same. Here are our recommendations, placed in no particular order: