15 Best Ad Blockers For 2018

The reports confirm that approximately 11% of web users use ad blockers to get rid of online ads while net surfing. That is equivalent to 600 million users using internet on both smartphones as well as computers. It is also observed that the use of ad blockers is increasing by 30% on annual basis, as published by PageFair, an organization that helps marketers to cover up the lost revenue.

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We all understand how important these advertisements are for the survival of the websites, mainly for their revenue generation. We get to surf almost all the websites for free, only because they run ads. If they do not display ads, they would surely be charging some token amount to access the content. Hence, its in fact, a good idea to support these websites. But you must have also come across some web pages that are flooded with banners and ads popping up every now and then. Rather than enhancing our browsing experience, it forces us to look for some alternate. That’s where ad blockers come into play. Ad blocker is a buzzing term these days. These are in the form of apps or extensions that removes the annoying ads from the webpage and gives you a more pleasant browsing experience. There are more than a few best ad blockers available that can be used on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

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