Apex Legends Tokens: Red Currency

Legends tokens are used to unlock the (currently) two additional Legends characters. You’ll need 12,000 tokens to unlock one. You earn tokens by just playing more and earning some every time you level up. Within your first five levels or so, you should probably have earned about 1,000, depending on your luck. 

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Crafting metals are used to buy weapon skins. You earn crafting materials just through Apex Packs that you earn by leveling up. Here’s how the skins are priced. 

In an interview this week on comedian Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, Reitman expressed a desire to “go back to original technique and hand the movie back to the fans.” Reitman elaborates on this by saying “We went back and found the original physical vinyl letters that they used to create the Ghostbusters poster in 1984, [and] rescanned them, then our titles guys reprinted them and we filmed the titles. We shot physical titles with a light-and-smoke effect ’cause that’s how they would have done it back in the day.” A purely literal interpretation would imply that Reitman wants to rely on practical effects as a contrast to the CGI-filled endeavor that was the 2016 version.