Best Loot Locations in Apex Legends

Currently, there is only one map available in Apex Legends - the Kings Canyon. It has plenty of locations with different purposes, such as slums, plants, military facilities, etc.

Every location can be used in many exciting ways when it comes to combat tactics. But not all of them offer equally great opportunities in terms of loot, and all Apex Legendsplayers know how important it is to get the best possible gear and weapons at the very beginning of the match-up. That is why we present you with seven best locations in Apex Legends that have the top-tier loot ready to be claimed.

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The general rule of Apex Legends is that looting starts from the edges of the map, and as soon as players are ready to use their weapons, the combat shifts slowly but steadily to the central locations.

That is why Swamps is one of the best loot spots in the game, as it has some of the highest tier loot in the game. It is located in the most eastern part of the map, and it is a relatively unpopular location that makes it safe to land at.

This would be a perfect location for Pathfinder, as his Zipline ability will allow him to quickly move around the buildings collecting all the loot before everyone else.