Download Roblox Assets through Google Chrome Extension

If you’re using Windows PC or MAC , open the extension tab in the Google Chrome browser. Find for the “ROBLOX: Quick Asset Downloader”. Add this extension to your Google Chrome browser and enable it. Once you enable this extension on your Google Chrome Browser, you’ll be able to download the assets.

See the instructions below to download the Roblox Assets using the Google Chrome Extension

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1) Open Roblox Studio (make sure you’re logged in)

2) Click “Baseplate” from the startup page

3) Click the “Test” tab, then click “Play”. Once your character is in game, click “Pause”

4) In explorer, click the arrow next to “Workplace” and click on YOUR name.

5) Under the model that is your name, click the first part, scroll down to the last part of the model and shift+click it. This should highlight all parts in the model.

6) Right click any highlighted part, and click “Group” from the drop down menu.

7) Right click any part of the highlighted group again and click “Ungroup”. You’ll notice that any accessories you had on are now floating.