Features of PSN codes

The codes can be used by you to open the Play Station Network, as long as the codes have not been used in the past. After logging into your Play Station account, you can access the play station store. In this store, the codes are now important. There will be a bar for you to fill in the codes, do so, but without error as the codes are long and the characters case sensitive.

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After entering the right codes, your play station account will then have full access to the store for a specific time period, depending on the subscription you chose.

Another way to get codes is to perform online surveys. Several sites will reward you with codes after you’ve accomplished a particular task. Some tasks could be as easy as using their search engine or by playing some online games. Examples of such sites are Swagbucks.

When you do get this codes, you can use them to get the games you want. And as said before, what you can get from the store will depend on the quality of the codes you have.