How to improve VPNs speed? A Complete Guide

How to improve your VPN's speed?

There is a huge number of VPN users who complain about the poor speed they receive on their connection. There could be several different reasons behind. But if a person does not get the desired speed then he will not be able to enjoy the perks of a VPN. Because a VPN is used for security purposes only till an extent but it is used primarily used by people for accessing geo-blocked content and  in this speed is very important.

So in this article, we have compiled list of things you should do when your VPN is not giving you the speed it is supposed to provide.

1. Check and change your server

If you are receiving slow speed then the first thing you need to do is to change your server. A server gets slowed down when it is overloaded or when too many users are using it. Overload on the server causes slow speed. You might fail to open some web pages. First change your server and see if the problem continues or not. 

2. Your connection type(Wired or Wireless)

Your internet speed depends upon your connection. If you are using a wireless connection then there are chances that you will receive slow speed. Wireless connection's speed is affected by several factors which include weather. Go for a wired connection and try your internet speed it is normal then hopefully your VPN will give you good speed too.

3. Use a good VPN service 

There are many Top VPN service providers who claim to provide awesome speeds at free of cost but it is not entirely true. If you are using one of these VPNs then change your VPN because free VPN providers reduce your speed and ruins your entire experience by displaying a lot of banner ads. Which in turn results in the slow down of the speed.

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