Panda Free Antivirus Review 2019

Tapping the Scan button gives you access to critical, full system and custom scan types. The Custom option is limited - you only get to choose a target folder - but otherwise the scans are simple and speedy, with our critical scan dropping from an initial six minutes to around a minute by the third run, and report information kept to the essentials only.  

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A separate Antivirus section offers a little more control, including options to scan a custom set of locations on your system, configure a few basic settings and schedule the scan to run automatically. This is easy to use, but can't begin to compete with the power and configurability offered by Comodo and Avast's free products.  

Real-time protection blocks unknown files from running until Panda receives a verdict from the cloud. This can be annoying if there's a delay, but it does make you more secure, and if you're impatient you can tell Panda to run the program anyway if there's no verdict after a defined number of seconds.  

A Rescue Kit option could help you remove more stubborn threats by creating a bootable USB drive or installing and launching a separate free tool, Panda's Cloud Cleaner.