Reward Points For Free eShop Codes

PointsPrizes is the website that we’re going to settle with for the typical reward points sites and our very favorite; Swagbucks doesn’t offer any Free eShop codes to its users. Tough luck for the Nintendo users.

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Nevertheless, you start right away on PointsPrizes by registering yourself on the platform and completing tasks assigned to you. This website does offer a plethora of offers to complete; even paid surveys so you can easily earn reward points for Free eShop Codes.

Racking enough reward points would require 2-3 days of efforts and completing several dozen tasks on the website. You can watch videos featured on the website, download apps, complete trivia quizzes, and even fill survey forms. Signing up for your email and entering some personal information may challenge your privacy but you can risk it for some free eShop Codes, won’t you?