Top 10 best grocery list apps

Savings-savvy shoppers will already be familiar with Shopkick, but this rewards app recently added groceries to its lineup of deals. The app’s grocery list features are basic but do everything you need. Type to search for the items you want, and Shopkick automatically arranges them by department for easy shopping. Featured recipes offer suggestions on what to make for dinner, and the ingredients can be added to your list with a single click.

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The focus of this app, however, is earning cash back for trips to the grocery store (and plenty of other stores on top of that). Earn reward points, called kicks, by walking into the store, scanning product barcodes, buying items, scanning your receipt and more. These kicks can be redeemed for gift cards at stores like Sephora and Starbucks, or donate them to charities like the American Red Cross and Feed America. As you build your grocery list, Shopkick lets you know if there are any deals on offer for what you need. You can browse through deals directly as well.

This grocery app’s biggest advantage is the fact that it goes beyond groceries, letting you rack up rewards for all kinds of shopping. If you’re looking to earn rewards for groceries and more, Shopkick is the way to go.