Torrentz2 Proxy Sites

After many torrent sites were launched all across the world, the introduction of a search engine to browse through all the available torrent files was needed. As with everything else on the internet, not all torrents trackers have content that is suited for you and going through all that data can take some time. That’s why Torrentz was launched, to help indexing all those torrent files available online. Often being referred to as the Google of torrent search, torrentz lists the best-suited results for your search. However, Torrentz is not that easy to access now. And even if they changed their name to Torrentz2, the need for a reliable Torrentz eu proxy to access the website is required.

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Torrentz2 is a basically a search engine for torrent files. It accesses the value or hash table of different torrent sites out there. No matter if you’re accessing the site through a torrentz eu mirror or any other way, it will help you get info from all torrent sites across the globe. The Torrentz proxy website checks peers and seeders from different torrent trackers to provide you with full info regarding the health and availability of the torrent. Thus, you can get all the needed info on the health of a torrent.