YTS Torrent Sites – Best for Movies

You need a list of torrent sites that’s regularly updated and recommends trackers that actually work. Look no further – after running speed tests and performing popular searches in each site, we’ve got the ultimate list for you. Preparing a list like this is not an easy task when an excellent website can disappear virtually overnight. With so many changes and shutdowns in the past three years, and with so many mediocre sites full of malware, low-quality torrents, and even fake ones, you need a list of reliable torrent search engines.

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  • Great choice of movies – both classics and latest hits available
  • Perfect for users with limited bandwidth
  • Amazing interface
  • YTS.AG focuses exclusively on movies. The wonderful layout and huge variety of titles make it the ideal torrent site for movie enthusiasts.

    The torrents are also very easy on your bandwidth, which is one of the main advantages of this site.

    Overall, YTS.AG is a favorite for movies, but since it doesn’t offer any other categories, you’ll have to pick another site from the list for games, music, or TV shows.

    Average download speed: 2.2 MB/s

    Number of search results for “Drake, Scorpion”: 0

    Number of search results for “Black Panther 2018”: 1

    Number of search results for “Game of Thrones”: 0